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Feb 2022 Update:

In Memory of Jonathan Taylor Aylward, May 4, 1990 – February 18, 2022

In February, we lost a beautiful friend. Jonathan Aylward was a dreamer and a connector, always generous with his ideas, time, and company. He had an open way about him that invited easy closeness, and a quick sense of humor matched only by his deep sense of wonder at the world we share.

Jonathan was inspired by a vision of public food forests as meeting places, community hubs where people could kindle relationships both with one another, and with the plants whose histories and futures are interwoven with ours.

As a way of honoring Jonathan’s memory and carrying his vision forward, Edible Trails Project (co-founded by Jonathan), will be hosting two events this summer at the DeYoung Natural Area on Cherry Bend Road.



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Imagine our public spaces full of plants that produce an abundance of fresh, delicious food each year—edible forest landscapes of fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, and more. Imagine kids, adults, local businesses, and organizations all working and learning together to repair the ecosystem while increasing access to local, sustainable food. The Edible Trails Project exists to facilitate this transformation. 10665174_540437616091397_3863241588044670107_n - Copy In 2014, we planted two educational public forest gardens thanks to the collective energy and funding of local residents, non-profits, and businesses. Now YOU can join in the fun and support the creation and growth of public forest gardens throughout Traverse City and our whole region. Take a look at our ‘Adopt a Forest Garden’ program for more information.

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